The Story Tellers

Susan and I love baseball – the Tampa bay Rays to be clear!
Susan and I taking a lunch break visiting my eldest daughter at her place of work.
Susan and I are Starbucks lovers (I call it my liquid crack)
St. Mary Parrish, Jamaica (my second home)

Susan has done everything office! that you can possibly think of – she typed on the typewriter superfast! She worked at the Cadillac dealership, she was a softball pitcher and can still pitch that ball, she might be 5 feet short, but she cleaned pools, loved boating and riding the motorcycle with her man in her former life, she has managed several small businesses from shipping and packing to owning her own small business in photography and printing services for 20 years.

When you email us, it it will be Susan who answers. Please feel free to allow her to coach you on anything dog. This would be her coaching specialty – dog therapy and dog education! among many other specialties’.

For now we will have the pleasure of calling her Zenplicity Coaching and Consulting’s first and very faithful employee and Operations Manager, Susan Andrews!

This is Scruffie, he is the sweetest ugliest cutest dog ever, I promise!
I’m Sophie. My mommy is a great Life Coach. We hope you choose Zenplicity Coaching and Consulting.