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First Time Client: Coaching Session

  • Time: 75 minutes
  • Cost: $50.00
    • Includes the complimentary 15 minute consultation, hence the 75 minute block of time.
    • Refundable upon completion (Only this package – please see cancellation policy)

Coaching Session

  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Cost: $50.00
    • Includes one professional coaching session.
    • Non-refundable (see cancellation policy)

When you hire Michelle as your life coach, you can expect her to listen with empathy. Michelle has diverse life experiences that have brought her to this very place. Michelle is flexible and creative, if there is something that is not addressed on our site, please reach out to us.

Coaching Sessions: Package A

  • Time: 60 minutes each
  • Sessions: 4
  • Cost: $200.00
    • Includes 4 (60 minute) professional coaching sessions.
    • Non-refundable (see cancellation policy).

Coaching Sessions: Package B

  • Time: 45 minutes each
  • Sessions: Up to 12
  • Cost: $450.00
    • For 3 months you may schedule a 45 minute coaching call weekly.
    • Includes weekly check ins via text or email.
    • Includes a 60 minute Wrap-Up session to discuss next steps and wrap up your 3 month commitment.

Coaching Sessions: VIP Package

  • Time: 45 minute each
  • Sessions: 14
  • Cost: $700.00
    • For 3 months you may schedule a 45 minute coaching call weekly.
    • 24 hour access via text (please allow for a 1 hour response time unless otherwise discussed.)
    • Weekly check-ins via text or email, unless discussed otherwise.
    • Mid point check in to determine if adjustments are needed – in addition to the weekly 45 min call.
    • Final 60 minute wrap-up call, to be scheduled and completed within 7 days of final coaching session.

Hurt people will hurt other people! Practically speaking this is completely contrary to healing and growth!

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