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Professional Consulting Services & Learning Design

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Recently divorced?

Resigned from your job?

Now what?

Certified Life Coaching & Assessment Evaluation

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The first few coaching sessions consist of my listening to your plans, divine delays, and whatever you believe is important in moving forward and meeting the intended and created targets you may discover or already be aware of.



During coaching sessions, it may be mutually decided that some type of action plan would be helpful to create. This plan can be organically designed during sessions or during a specific scheduled time. Most plans will include intentions, or intended targets, specific goals like short and long term or how you plan to grieve through the process of moving forward.



As you work towards the desired targets established in the action plan, if applicable, there may be items that change. The action plan, or whatever personally designed visual you decide on, that speaks to you or best demonstrates your intended targets. This visual is essentially a living document.



Repeat was a like finished the last piece of this 1000 piece puzzle! Life is real simple, there is nothing new under the sun! The wisest man, king, ever said that in the Bible. The point, go back listen, listen to what you hear now after steps 1, 2 and 3. If new targets are needed, great, if moving from coaching to therapy is best because something was discovered, sweet! Just move forward and never step growing through each step.

Zenplicity Coaching and Consulting, Inc.

ZC&C is a service-connected disabled veteran, minority and all women owned small business that serves small to medium size businesses and federal contracts.

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